• Remedies

    Depending on the cause of your hair-loss, there are a couple of remedies that can help you, more or less. Just browse the web and you’ll find them.

    It’s like in school, you get what you bring. If you’re confident about it then you’ll have more chance to make it a success.
    If you’re not, then I don’t even know why you’re trying. Maybe you should try to look and see why you don’t believe in it and in what you would actually believe. What do you need ? I believe we all already know. We just need to accept it (yeah lots of things to accept on this website…)

    Well, a “remedy” I’m actually trying at the moment is yoga. Why yoga ? why not ? I’m just trying.
    And I have to admit that it sounds and feels more right than anything else I’ve heard of so far. Because it works on you, on what you feel, what you are and what you give. It’s not a pill that you take every morning without effort and that “works” uniquely on a specific part of your body. I’m not saying pills are useless. I’m just saying that they should not be taken as the only solution.

    Yoga is just something like a “science of your body and mind”. If there is still someone who thinks that the mind and the body are separated then you should give “Little Buddha” a second chance.
    Everything is connected. If you work on your body, it will impact your mind and if you work on your mind, it will impact your body. Well yoga works on both.
    But what is the mind ? will you have to sing bizarre songs ? or say strange things that don’t have any meanings for you ?
    No. Just concentrate on something, without effort.
    But how to concentrate on something without effort ? well, that’s something that you will need to learn… and by yourself. You just need to try, and to try, and to try and then you’ll understand. Even if we already have everthing inside ourselves, we still need to learn, sometimes, for most of us I suppose. And in order to learn, we need to make mistakes, we need to take risks. It’s a step that is needed and that should not be feared in a bad way as it tells you that it is something that you need to learn in order to go towards what you really are.

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